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Kecks Joins The Mx Nationals

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We are happy to announce that we have joined the series for 2021.

Kecks will be supplying our latest range of clothing for our MXN TV presenters this season along with the fastest lap* prize for each class at each round.

We are really happy to support the Michelin Mx Nationals. It’s a great place for us to find the next upcoming talents of the sport and it’s great to work with like-minded people who are trying to grow British Motocross.

We will also be running the Kecks fastest lap award for the following classes. If you set the fastest lap of all the races over the weekend you will win a £19.99 voucher to redeem on our store

  1. SW85 
  2. BW85
  3. MXY1
  4. MXY2
  5. Expert MX1
  6. Expert MX2
  7. Pro MX1
  8. Pro MX2
  9. Clubman MX1
  10. Clubman MX2
  11. Amateur MX1
  12. Amateur MX2



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