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Billy Bolt 2024 SuperEnduro World Champion

In an exhilarating finale to the 2024 season, our very own SuperEnduro star, Billy Bolt, brought home his fourth FIM SuperEnduro World Championship,  Billy's victory in Newcastle, right in his backyard, wasn't just a win; it felt like a family celebration.

Heading into the final round with a hefty 59-point lead, Billy had essentially secured the SuperEnduro series title before the wheels even hit the track. Yet, the anticipation of officially sealing the deal in front of a home crowd added an extra layer of excitement.

The Superpole session, where the top three finishers earn points, was all that stood between Billy and his fourth indoor enduro world crown. With the pressure on, he needed to finish in the top three to clinch the title, even if his nearest rival, Jonny Walker, snagged the win. Billy, true to the Bolt legacy we've all come to admire, soared past the competition, including Jonny Walker and Will Hoare, to claim the fastest time.

This victory not only cements Billy's status as the 2024 SuperEnduro champion but also marks his fourth indoor title and sixth world title overall, a testament to his hard work and dedication. His achievements add to his impressive collection, which includes the Hard Enduro World Championship and a WESS crown.

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