Billy Askew's Broken Thumb at MXGP of Germany

Billy Askew's Broken Thumb at MXGP of Germany

Billy Askew faces a setback with a broken thumb after a fall at the MXGP of Germany. Despite this, the Kecks-sponsored rider remains determined to come back stronger. Read his update and our support here.
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A Setback for Billy Askew

After an impressive performance in France where he secured a solid eighth overall, Billy Askew faced a tough break at the MXGP of Germany. During free practice on Saturday, Billy took a nasty fall that resulted in a broken thumb, abruptly ending his weekend.

Billy Askew's Instagram Update

Billy took to Instagram to share the unfortunate news with his fans and followers. He posted:

"This is not the post I was hoping to make. So for everyone asking, Saturday in free practice I made a silly mistake and fell down funny resulting in breaking my thumb. I had an operation this morning in Belgium and all sorted now just need to rest it up, train hard in the gym and come back stronger and hungrier. Thank you to everyone helping me out, we will get there."

After his successful surgery in Belgium, we know Billy’s determination and hard work will see him through. We look forward to seeing him back on the track soon

Get well soon, Billy! We can't wait to see you back in action, giving it your all.

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