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About Us


The Kecks concept began in 2018 at a motocross track in Spain. Athletes were riding with loose underwear and suffering Discomfort on the track. We knew we needed to make a product that could be pushed to the limits and still provide comfort, no matter what your day consists of… 

When athleisure meets everyday underwear, the result is a quality product that suits any lifestyle.

Now offering a range of designs, in fabrics specifically woven for breathability and all-day comfort; Kecks is the go-to brand that fits into any daily routine.

This is Kecks.



We have a range of men’s boxer shorts suitable for day to day use or for sport - it’s up to you which you prefer, or maybe you'll like them both! Our sports range is for those who want to make a statement. The patterns and prints will ensure that you have the best underwear in the room. If you’re looking for something more understated and subtle, we offer Classic Cotton men’s boxers that are the best for wearing in everyday use.



Underwear is the foundation of every outfit we wear, so it’s important for it to be comfortable. at Kecks we specialise in just that. We offer premium, affordable underwear made by and built for athletes, trendsetters, or people who just really love underwear.

We were able to develop the perfect athleisure pair to allow you to fit your lifestyle. If you’re not active, you’re buying it for the design and comfort. At the same time, if you are physically active you can Ride, train or workout in them without changing into your compression shorts. It’s a functional pair of underwear outside of it just being another pair of underwear.



Boxer shorts and mens underwear should give you comfort and functionality for the day. The Kecks classic extended fit make our underwear a great choice for both everyday and athletic comfort. Our boxer briefs for men employ a longer legged fit. This style and tight fitting boxers allow the most comfortable fit for any situation. A successful collaboration of the brief and boxer the underwear type fits like a brief yet is longer in the leg, covering a third of your thigh. It's a great pair to avoid chafing during workouts, and also offers support and a full coverage.



If you prefer something a little less bold, we also have a range just for you. Our classic range is exactly that - classic. These boxers will appeal to the everyday man who just wants comfort and underwear that follows the rules. The stretch cotton spandex blend makes the shorts comfortable to wear while also fitting to your shape. Similar to the print range, the elasticated waistbands are highly-elasticated and are anti-roll, so there’s no need to worry about underwear digging in or moving around. These are also a long leg style and incorporates the ‘no rise technology’, so no extra moisture absorbed no matter what you’re doing.



If you are the sporty kind, whether you are a runner, motorcycle rider or gym goer, you will enjoy our print range. Our patterned boxer briefs include some vibrant prints that will make you really stand out. For those of you with thick thighs, there is no need to worry. The moisture wicking fabric made from a polyester spandex blend makes the boxer shorts stretchy but fit to your shape without any chafing and offers optimum mobility and breathability. We’ve purposely made an anti-rolling branded waistband for when you’re on the go for the ultimate comfort. Our long leg underwear keeps those of you who are prone to heavy sweating in mind. Our men’s underwear incorporates the use of ‘no rise technology’, so when you’re out and about and on the move, the shorts won’t ride up your leg and will absorb less moisture.