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Tommy Searle Signs For BuildBase Honda for 2020

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After a long and successful career in the MXGP category, Tommy announced his retirement from Grand Prix racing a few days ago.

For Tommy, 2020 will mark the beginning of a new chapter for the British rider, as he shifts his focus solely to the UK as part of the Buildbase Honda Racing team, where he has signed a 2-year contract. 

Tommy Said:

"A number of things have led me to that decision. It is not that I don't enjoy racing MXGP anymore or that I feel I am too old, tired or not motivation or anything like that. It is just the way the GPs are at the minute. I feel like in my personal position I need to be on a factory team or a factory-supported team to achieve the results that I want to achieve. I have tried now for the past four years to get the results. I am motivated every year and I say, "This year is the year." It just has not happened. With the way, the teams are next year – and the deals that are available – there is nothing there that made me think, "Okay. That is what I want to do. I can succeed on that bike and team." It is difficult for a lot of riders and that helped me make my decision to step away."

We look forward to seeing what Tommy can achieve in the UK.




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