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Jeffrey Herlings at the MXON

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It is tricky for fans to determine whether the 2019 Motocross of Nations was a success for Jeffrey Herlings or not. The Netherlands won as a team, which was the main goal for all involved, but he did not win a moto like so many expected him to. What happened? Herlings reflects on the wet event in this exclusive MX Vice interview from the event.

MX Vice: This was a big one for you. This was basically your whole year. You won, which was the main goal. It was not your best weekend I guess, individually, but does that matter now? You won… That was the goal.

Jeffrey Herlings: Obviously we wanted to go 1-1. That is not a secret. Obviously with the weather circumstances, you have been seeing it's been raining so much. They flattened the track all the time and then the first few laps with the goggles your struggling. I had no goggle problems at all. The goggles were working absolutely one hundred percent fine, but just you get roosted constantly. When you are not there up front it makes it difficult. I think that's why we did not win individually, but this is a team race and we have won it as a team. I cannot ask for more.

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Interview: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: ConwayMX


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