The Good The Bad The Ugly - Kecks

The Good The Bad The Ugly

The Kecks concept really began in 2018 and but took us until 30th June 2019 to refine the product and launch the website Now 1 year on a lot has been learnt.
So we start with the good news, it seems the demand for our product has far exceeded our expectations which is great news as we are proud to supply you with a product you love.
This leads us to the bad news, With the demand so high we have sold out of many sizes and styles. We are working hard to restock our classics but due to the global pandemic, it's taking longer than we hopped with our suppliers. We are hoping to have New stock in the first week of November.
Also in our stock delivery in November, we will be receiving our new printed range, the designs are locked in and again we are waiting for these to arrive. We have upped the numbers of units per product so hopefully we can meet the demands of you guys.
Once again we want to take this opportunity to thank you all for the support

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