1 Year in Business

1 Year in Business

Kecks officially launched June 30th 2019, but the concept and hard work began almost 2 years ago. It’s fair to say I could never have predicted the whirlwind our first 12 months of trading would bring. Now we’re reflecting on how we got here and where we’re headed…  

 Our brand name was the perfect fit for the product we were developing, but we needed to cover all the bases for a consistent impact; from securing the Trademark to web domains and social media handles. We knew Instagram was going to be a key platform for the brand, but our research threw up a problem; the handle was already assigned to a girl in New Zealand. We contacted her and explained the Kecks concept, and she kindly offered to swap handles, allowing us to take @kecks. Generosity like that is what Kecks is now built around, and has shaped how we work with our customers and influencers. We like to think of her as the first Kecks brand ambassador! We wanted to show our appreciation, but weren’t sure if a selection of premium men’s boxers was a touch impractical… We eventually opted for a gift box from a beauty store and it went down a treat.

 After researching tips and advice on starting a new business, we came across some scary statistics, one that really stuck in my mind was that 20% of small business start-ups don’t see the end of year one! That said, we’re genuinely proud (and relieved) to have celebrated our 1st official birthday in June 30th of 2020. 

 Some of the highlights for us have been working with our athletes, and watching the brand grow through their support and endorsement. It’s also been great to see your response to the products, particularly during the flash sales that we know you all love. 

 Now with 1 year under our belts, we recognise we’ve learned a lot along the way, and couldn’t have got here without the support and loyalty of our customers. So, we want to take this opportunity to thank you all, whatever your involvement and contribution to the brand and our first successful year of trading has been; from ordering product to following us on social media, it’s all appreciated. To say the first 12 months have been easy wouldn’t be entirely true, and like all businesses, we’re now facing the uncertainty that comes with a global pandemic, but we’ve loved every minute of building our brand and now we know that you love the product we’ve created too, so we can assure you, Kecks is here to stay.

 Moving forward, our plan is to expand the range of products we offer over the coming months. As always, we’re keen to hear what you would like to see next from Kecks. You can share your ideas with us in the comment section below. As for a women’s range, this is also something that’s in the pipeline… Watch this space! 

Keep It Kecks 

 You can read more about how Kecks was started here

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